Developing Swimmers

Developing Swimmers Talent, skill and a passion to compete, these are the characteristics that define elite-level swimmers. As the sport's best coaches know, even the most gifted of athletes can't develop these traits without a plan and one that recognises talent, develops skills and nurtures success. This book offers such a comprehensive, long-term plan. Full description


Talent, skill, and a passion to compete: These are the characteristics that define elite-level swimmers. But as the sport’s best coaches know, even the most gifted of athletes won’t develop these traits without a plan—one that recognizes talent, develops skills, and nurtures success.

Developing Swimmers is the only book to offer a comprehensive, long-term plan beginning at an age-group level. Renowned coach Michael Brooks shares the insights, secrets, and strategies that have transformed his athletes and swim teams from novice competitors to distinguished champions.

Developing Swimmers will show you how to

- evaluate and identify talent in even the youngest swimmers;
- establish realistic yet challenging short- and long-term goals for your athletes;
- assess and refine strokes for greater power and efficiency;
- improve starts, turns, and finishes for faster times;
- structure positive and productive practices for swimmers and swim teams; and
- foster your swimmers’ passion, bolster commitment, and instill winning attitudes.

From motivation to meet management to race-day tactics, Developing Swimmers covers it all. It is the guide every coach should have on the shelf. With Developing Swimmers, you will improve the performance of your swimmers—and your entire team.


Part I Recognizing and Developing Talent
Chapter 1. Recognizing Swimming Talent
Chapter 2. Developing Swimmers for the Long Haul
Chapter 3. Creating an Environment of Excellence

Part II Assessing and Refining Stroke Technique
Chapter 4. Recognizing What to Teach
Chapter 5. Teaching Technique Effectively
Chapter 6. Improving Freestyle and Backstroke
Chapter 7. Improving Butterfly and Breaststroke
Chapter 8. Improving Starts, Turns, and Finishes

Part III Training and Preparing Swimmers
Chapter 9. Training Age-Group Swimmers
Chapter 10. Planning for the Short- and Long-Term
Chapter 11. Providing Support Away from the Pool

Part IV Developing the Competitive Edge
Chapter 12. Racing Attitudes and Tactics
Chapter 13. Managing Meets for Racing Excellence
Chapter 14. Selecting Meets and Events