Plyometrics Dynamig Strength and explosiv power
Using the latest research, top trainer Donald Chu presents the best methods, strength and power exercises, workouts, and programs for optimizing athletes’ performance. Sport-specific plans can be easily integrated into a comprehensive training program. Injury prevention and rehab protocols reduce time on the sidelines.


Strength and power—which provide the ability to move quickly with great force—are absolute necessities for today's athletes. Elite players, coaches, and trainers rely on plyometrics to improve quickness, speed, jumping ability, footwork, body control, balance, and overall performance. With this authoritative guide on plyometrics, you can, too.

In Plyometrics, Donald Chu and Gregory Myer present only the best science-based and tested drills, exercises, and programs to ensure optimal performance results for every athlete at any level in any sport. You'll also find the latest research, application, and recommendations for the prevention, screening, and rehabilitation of injuries as well as targeted training for young athletes and female athletes.

Plyometrics provides instruction on assessment, selection, and sequencing of exercises for building the ideal program based on individual needs and goals. You'll also find nine sport-specific training regimens, including basketball, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, and mixed martial arts.

With comprehensive coverage and expert insights, Chu and Myer take the guesswork out of training and provide the best tool for achieving dynamic strength and explosive power. It is the ultimate resource for maximizing athletic performance.

Part I Knowledge
Chapter 1 Muscular Actions, Sport Performance, and Plyometric Training
Chapter 2 Anatomy and Physiology of Plyometrics
Chapter 3 How Plyometrics Works

Part II Considerations
Chapter 4 Plyometric Training and Young Athletes
Chapter 5 Plyometric and Neuromuscular Training for Female Athletes
Chapter 6 Plyometric Training for Injury Rehabilitation

Part III Applications
Chapter 7 Strength and Power Assessment for Plyometric Training
Chapter 8 Introduction of a Plyometric Training Program
Chapter 9 Essential Plyometric Exercises
Chapter 10 Plyometric Training in a Comprehensive Conditioning Program
Chapter 11 Sport-Specific Plyometric Training Programs