Complete Triathlon Guide | USA Triathlon
Complete Triathlon Guide covers a wide range of topics: training, technique, competitive strategies, health, and nutrition.


Part I Training
Chapter 1 Developing Your Seasonal Training Plan
Chapter 2 Customizing Training for Specific Groups
Chapter 3 Yoga and Flexibility for Triathletes
Chapter 4 Strength Training for Triathletes
Chapter 5 Training for Triathlon Swimming
Chapter 6 Training for Triathlon Biking
Chapter 7 Training for Triathlon Running
Chapter 8 Recovery and Overtraining
Chapter 9 Exercise Physiology for Triathletes
Chapter 10 The Art and Science of Tapering

Part II Technique
Chapter 11 Bike Handling Techniques from the Pros
Chapter 12 Setting the Perfect Cadence and Stride Rate
Chapter 13 Assessing Your Running Form
Chapter 14 Improving Your Transitions
Chapter 15 Troubleshooting Your Freestyle

Part III Competitive Strategy
Chapter 16 Open Water Race Tactics
Chapter 17 Strategies for Drafting and Non-Drafting Races
Chapter 18 Performance Tips for Any Distance
Chapter 19 Mental Strategies for Training and Racing
Chapter 20 Traveling for Competition

Part IV The Triathlon Lifestyle
Chapter 21 Fitting Triathlon into Busy Lives
Chapter 22 Choosing the Ideal Gear
Chapter 23 Choosing a Coach
Chapter 24 Developing Young Triathletes
Chapter 25 Dealing with Common Injuries
Chapter 26 Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete
Chapter 27 Hydrating During Training and Competition
Chapter 28 Beyond Swim, Bike, Run
Chapter 29 Long-Term Triathlete Development